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For some who have never been on the journey of aesthetic medicine, the stereotype is always there whenever the word “botox” comes into the topic. And for those who are reserved about the idea of beauty enhancements through non-invasive procedures, oftentimes, botox is not accepted as something natural and safe. And this is one of the main reasons why some people, albeit curious, don’t even try to book a consultation about this treatment. But the thing is, more and more people are trying and raving about botox treatments. There’s probably a good reason why a lot of aesthetic medical clinic in Fresno, California, like Allure Medicals Spas, are booming today. So, as we go through this article, allow us to break the stereotype about botox and give you the wonders of it.

What is Botox for Wrinkles, Lines, and Neck Bands?

Botulinum Toxin, commonly called “Botox”, is a toxin that relaxes the muscle it is injected into. It was originally used for issues surrounding the eyes such as strabismus (crossed eyes).

In more recent years, the use of Botox has been for preventative measures. Keeping loose, wrinkly skin at bay by injecting the muscles that cause them to stretch. No more awkward positions and jaw-clenching in selfies. But today, it is commonly used to treat wrinkles and other symptoms of aging by relaxing the muscles that cause them. Here at Allure Medical Spas, we use only the most trusted providers: Botox & Jeuveau.

Benefits of Botox & Jeuveau

Many people get thrown off by the word “toxin”, but we assure you that it’s just to be scientifically correct–and the injection doesn’t even hurt! Here are a handful of benefits that come from Botox & Jeuveau:

● Results last for months!
Depending on how you metabolize the botulinum toxin, it may take up to four (4) months for the treatment to completely dissipate. If you’ve undergone a botox treatment before, your body might be acclimated to the treatment, and it may wear off sooner.

● Non-invasive procedure
Unlike a surgical facelift, Botox injections are temporary and don’t require you to go under any anesthetic. The needles used are shorter than the typical needles you see during your routinal blood checks.

● Fast procedure
The treatment can happen in a matter of minutes! All you have to do is set an appointment and be there! We’ll discuss the procedure in detail as we progress through this article.

● No downtime
When injected, the botulinum toxin is absorbed into the treated muscle and provides almost instant results. Even better, the botox itself is injected in very small increments, so no surrounding tissue is affected. You can do it on your lunch break and be back at the office right after!

● Inexpensive
The costs of a unit of botox can range room $10 to $25. Book your free consultation with us, and we’ll give you a rundown of prices for your treatment. You can choose to use fewer or more units depending on your budget.

● Full customization
With Botox, not only is it temporary, so if you don’t like it you can just wait it out; but it is also fully customizable to your desires. And, as mentioned above, it is injected in increments and very specific muscle groups, so you won’t have to worry about it being in the wrong areas.

What Problems do Botox & Jeuveau Address?

A prevalent question about botox is: is it safe?

Botox is generally harmless, and once it wears off, it will either be completely discarded by your body, or it will be reused by your system harmlessly. With the procedure, you can always rely on our seasoned team here at Allure Medical Spas. Our injectors are one of the most trained and experienced professionals in Fresno, California. Even better, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Here are some of the skin issues addressed by a botox treatment:

● Reduces neck bands
The neck muscles that pop out everytime you clench your teeth and say the letter “e” are called the platysma muscles. The more the years go by, the more reactive or superficial they get. These bands do not only stretch the skin on your neck, but they also cause double chin and jowls. Even worse, these also cause wrinkle lines across the neck. With a botox treatment, these tensioned bands are relaxed, reducing their visibility.

● Prevents wrinkles
Wrinkles that are caused by skin creasing around muscles can be fixed with a little botox. Prevention by relaxing those muscles before any crease appears is also possible. However, wrinkles caused by loose skin require a different treatment. We’ll discuss more about that further down.

● Prevents forehead furrows
Tired of forehead lines whenever you raise your eyebrows? Those lines are caused by continual use of the forehead muscles, and its surrounding muscle group. Over the years, those lines will become more and more permanent, but you can stop it! Where else can you get botox treatment with the best results? *coughs*

● Gets rid of crow’s feet
Smile with your eyes! See those sunray-like lines at the corner of your eyes? Those are commonly called “crow’s feet”. Another result of looser skin and continued use of the tiny muscles around the eyes. Now, don’t go around not smiling. Those can be smoothed out by botox as well–and you can still smile with less lines, but improved beauty!

How Botox Works: Procedure From Pre- to Post-Treatment

Though a mostly straight-forward procedure, there are necessary precautions and steps taken to achieve impressive results:

1. Cleanse
The injector will start by cleansing the target areas with a non-abrasive cleanser several times. And to prevent further possible infection, your doctor will run your skin through with anti-septic or alcohol-filled cotton.

2. Marking
Before injecting the botox, the area to be treated will be mapped out and marked to ensure precise injections. The injections are typically done just adjacent to the marked spot to avoid permanent marking or tattooing.

3. Treatment
Different depths, different amounts of units per injection, and different levels of botulinum toxin concentration are used depending on the areas treated and the desired outcome.

Pre-treatment and Aftercare

One of the best things about Botox is that it virtually has no downtime. But, there are a few things you need to be mindful of before and after the treatment, so you can get the most out of your investment.


Patients are advised not to do the following:
● Drink alcohol
● Take anti-inflammatory drugs
● Take blood-thinning medicines that might cause bruising


As mentioned above, you can go right back to work after your Botox treatment. But, these activities should be avoided at least within 48 hours after your treatment:
● Do heavy workouts
● Apply makeup
● Use harsh facial cleansers
● Take hot showers
● Long exposure to sunlight

How Long Do the Effects Last?

Botox is totally temporary, but they last for quite a long time, around 4-6 months. However, they can last longer or shorter depending on how your body metabolizes the botox and how fast your body creates new neurotransmitters. Your getting Botox in the past also plays a role in effects and duration.

Qualified Candidates for Botox Treatments

Botox is available for most people, when it comes to fixing problems like neck bands, wrinkles, and the above-mentioned issues. On the other hand, there are a few individuals who are advised not to undergo such treatment like the following:

● Those with loose skin
If you have loose skin, botox may help a little in tightening the skin. But because it only weakens the muscles that causes wrinkles, it won’t be any lines caused by loose skin are a different scenario that need a different approach.

● Pregnant & breastfeeding invidviduals
Though the studies on it have been unclear, most dermatologists do not recommend pregnant and breastfeeding women to undergo a botox treatment to avoid possible complications.

 Neuromuscular disease
Those who are suffering from diseases of the neuromuscular junction (the area that connects your muscles to your brain) are extremely sensitive to botulinum toxin. They are advised to consult their doctor before considering a botox treatment.

Estimated Cost

As mentioned previously, a botox treatment can be an investment, not an expense. All you have to think about is how much you value your beauty and wellness. Rates depend upon consultation.

And that’s why we are here! At Allure Medical Spas, we make sure you’re comfortable not only with the treatment, but also with the results that you will always see in the mirror.

With us, you make fine wine jealous!


In short, botox has been around for more than a decade, and it has been used to prevent, revert, and maintain a youthful glow for years. To learn more about this treatment, get your free consultations with us!


Allure Med Spas Team