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Have you ever wondered if a perfect face truly exists? Sometimes, even if hypothetically, you can pick the parts apart, it’s still hard to pinpoint what makes a face look so beautiful. It’s actually not the parts of the face–it’s the symmetry.

And when it comes to a balanced and almost-perfect beauty, the part that many tend to overlook is the chin. Yes, you got it right. (Honestly, the first thing we thought of was the nose!) The chin plays a huge role in one's overall look. Its protrusion, recession,

wideness, or narrowness can impact the overall look of the face.
Wondering how to get that perfectly balanced profile? Chin fillers, my friend. Chin fillers.

What is Chin Enhancement?

Chin enhancement, sometimes called chin augmentation, is the use of hyaluronic acid filler injections or chin implants to enhance and improve one's chin shape, length, and size.

You probably have heard it somewhere in the past, but in more extensive surgical terms. However, those implants are quite different than our enhancement procedures. Hyaluronic acid fillers really paved the way for non-surgical beauty enhancements. And it’s a long-standing debate of which is better, chin implants or chin fillers? Honestly, when you try to list down the pros and cons, everything boils down to what you are ready for. If you’re ready for a longer recovery time, surgical methods, and more permanent results, chin implant is the way to go.

But if you’re not ready to commit to the permanency of it and are looking for safer, cheaper, and more natural results, our chin enhancement at Allure Medical Spas might just be the perfect treatment for you.

Fast Talk, Facts Talk

Chin enhancements in the past were almost exclusively done by people who are around 40-60 in age and have been only through implants. But, more recently, chin fillers are getting normalized as their balancing benefits are more apparent than ever.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable gels are a proven treatment for facial rejuvenation with an established record of safety and effectiveness.1 In 2018, more than 2.1 million HA injectable filler procedures were performed in the United States—a 48% increase over the past decade.2,3 The FDA has approved a range of dermal and subcutaneous indications for HA injectable fillers, including facial wrinkles, folds, lip augmentation, and cheeks.4 One such product, VYC-20L (Juvéderm Voluma XC; Allergan plc, Dublin, Ireland), which is a 20-mg/mL HA gel with lidocaine, was specifically designed for volumizing and has demonstrated effectiveness in restoring age-related volume deficit to the midface.5 Compared with HA gels designed for correction of wrinkles and folds, VYC-20L improved qualities of lift and projection to the midface.

Those who opt for chin enhancement fillers are typically those with an undefined jawline, recessed chin, double chin, and poor neck definition. While some patients do research, some are not completely aware of the benefits until they book their consultation at the nearest medspa clinic.

“ The chin is defined by the labiomental crease (superiorly), the oral commissures (laterally), and the submental cervical crease (inferiorly). The shape and projection of the chin contribute to a “well-balanced and harmonious” face.6 For both men and women, good chin projection and a youthful jawline are considered the standards of beauty7 and can influence an individual's psychosocial well-being.8”

This, at least, is according to research. But we’re sure these facts will wipe out some of the reservations you have left about getting a chin enhancement procedure.

The Benefits of Chin Enhancement

When it comes to facial structure and balance, chin fillers are designed to restore facial volume, giving you a more prominent profile. Here are some of the benefits of chin enhancement done by Allure Medical Spas.

● Resting smile
Because the chin filler injections will lift the surrounding facial muscles and tissue, the corners of your mouth will be slightly lifted even while you’re relaxed, giving you a resting smile.

● Balanced facial structure
Your chin is a third of your total face structure–a small third–but still a third nonetheless. This part serves as the central pillar of your face. With a dermal filler, your chin’s volume is enhanced, improving the ‘balance’ on your face, overall.

● More defined jawline
Since the chin is part of your total jawline, once you get the results, the rest of your jaw will align with your chin, making it more defined. Why? Because the skin around it becomes tighter.

● Reduced double-chin
Once injected and the fillers have settled in, the skin along your face will need to adjust to hold the filler. So, the skin on the bottom and sides of your jaw will tighten. Thus, effectively reducing superficial double-chin.

● Reduced jowls
The droopy facial tissues right beside the chin, are called jowls. The way fillers fix those is by adding more volume to the jaw and chin, allowing the surrounding skin to tighten.

● Get the confidence you’ve ever wanted
After your chin enhancement, you will look great IN ALL ANGLES! Say goodbye to awkward photos and hello to a more beautiful you!

How it Works: Procedure from Pre-Treatment to Post-Treatment

Undergoing this treatment is immediate and uncomplicated. Even better, the healing process has zero downtime with minimal swelling.

To prevent infection, the target area will be disinfected with alcohol or an antiseptic.

For maximum comfort, your chin will be treated with numbing cream and injected with lidocaine.

Fillers are injected into precise areas; the depth is just above the bone and under the muscle.

Pre-Treatment and Aftercare

Like most dermal filler treatments, some activities should be avoided for the best results. The following will also help you avoid, or at least minimize, a variety of side effects.

Avoid doing the following before the treatment:

● Taking blood-thinning medicine
● Applying any exfoliating skin care products such as tretinoin, retinoids, glycolic acid, or “anti-aging” products
● Drinking alcohol 24-48 hours before the treatment

For aftercare, patients are advised to avoid doing the following:

● Applying makeup 24 hours after the procedure
● Doing intense exercise for the next seven (7) days
● Taking anti-inflammatory drugs

Patients are also advised to do the following aftercare:

● Applying ice on the treated area
● Sleeping with the head elevated

How Long Do Chin Enhancement Effects Last?

Chin fillers may be temporary, but they do take a considerable amount of time to wear off. Depending on the type of filler used in your treatment and how fast your body metabolizes the ingredients used, chin fillers should last for 3-6 months. For our products, we use hyaluronic acid-based only from trusted providers.

Like any other filler treatment, the side effects don’t last long. But if any should occur, here are some that you should expect:
● Bruising
● Tenderness on the injected area
● Redness
● Swelling

Qualified Candidates for Chin Enhancement Treatment

While the majority of patients can get chin fillers regardless of age or skin type, some people are allergic to the ingredients or anesthetics used. It’s advisable to disclose any history of allergy during the consultation.

Estimated Cost

The cost of a chin enhancement treatment at Allure Medical Spas may vary, depending on the consultation. We’d bet this is a premium medspa clinic around Fresno, California that you can always trust to have your treatments. You’re always in good hands with our highly skilled injectors and aestheticians.


Balance is everything–and this is not just about the chin anymore! So, when you feel like you haven’t been good to yourself recently, take this as a sign to put a little more attention into investing in yourself. Confidence can do a lot. Try us.

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Allure Med Spas Team