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Goodbye, Varicose Veins; Hello, Very Smooth Legs!

They say that aging is when the risky days of youth finally take a toll through superficial symptoms. That is why we are in an era where the definition of ‘aging gracefully’ is a little mixed up. The classic ones believe that wrinkles, saggy skin, and grey hairs have earned their spot on your body. But modern society believes that symptoms of aging should be kept at bay. Honestly? We think that ‘aging gracefully’ is not a matter of how you look–but how you feel from deep within.

Confidence is a determining factor. And if those reddish squiggly lines on your body, commonly known as spider veins or Telangiectasia, keep you from feeling good about yourself, what better way to resolve this than by undergoing a laser treatment?

What are Spider Veins (Telangiectasia) and Varicose Veins (Varicosities?)

Spider veins and Varicose Veins have the same root cause: the malfunction or incompetency of valves in your blood vessels. The blood gets stuck in certain areas and damages the blood vessel, making the latter swell and grow larger. And the result? It surfaces, making it visible on your skin.

Trivia: According to research, 80% of the patients who suffer from this condition have strong genetic components that cause varicose and spider veins.

For the most part, it’s a cosmetological problem and not life-threatening, but if it’s more than just thin, surface-level veins that you see, you should probably get a doctor.


● Spider Veins

Spider Veins are a superficial condition. This means that it is most visible to the naked eye on the skin’s surface; typically on the calves or behind your knees. Conditions like these can be effectively treated with laser treatment.

● Broken capillaries

They can appear anywhere in the body, but are mostly seen on the face. Broken capillaries are tiny blood vessels that have ruptured under the skin. Though mostly harmless, they may not be very pleasant to look at. All of which can be easily removed by laser treatment.

How Are Varicose and Spider Veins Eliminated?

There are multiple ways to remove these pesky veins. But the best one so far that we encourage you to have is the Alma-powered, Spider & Varicose Vein Treatment by Allure Medical Spas in Fresno, California. This is a completely non-surgical treatment, that is 100% safe and effective. The treatment, although producing a little discomfort, comes with immediate and impressive results. How does it work? This laser treatment effectively seals your broken blood vessels that cause the visible signs of spider and varicose veins, making your skin straight-smooth even after just one treatment!

The Wonders of Laser Treatments

Besides the actual, visual benefit of getting rid of your spider and varicose veins, it can also be preventive, and worth your while to look into:

● It is preventive

When a vein disease is left untreated, it will worsen over time and will cause a whole other slur of complications ranging from restless leg syndrome, swollen feet, deep vein thrombosis, and others. That’s why you should consult with your doctor if you have early signs of varicose veins and have them treated early!

● Non-invasive procedure

Unlike endovenous ablation, which involves placing a needle and wire into your vein and closing off that vein from the inside, laser treatment involves no incision or blood and causes little to no pain. Through selective heating, also known as thermolysis, the treatment only targets troublesome veins with minimal damage to your surrounding tissue. With these incredible pulses of light that heal, the laser treatment is absorbed, completely eliminating your spider and varicose veins.

● Less discomfort, swelling, and fatigue

Walking and standing with varicose veins can be uncomfortable. It’s because of the blood pooling in your valves and causing surrounding areas to swell which results in fatigue, and sometimes, pain. Treating these bulgy veins will dramatically improve your lifestyle comfort.

What Are the Addressed Problems of a Spider and Varicose Vein Treatment?

In all this talk about lasers, veins, and malfunctioning valves, how sure can you be that the treatment is safe?

We’d like to vouch for this a hundred and one percent: Yes, it is completely safe.

As explained above, the Alma-powered Laser is carefully engineered to target only the broken capillaries and varicose veins, leaving your skin tissues undamaged. Besides, this technology comes with customizable settings that perfectly suit your condition.

And at Allure Med Spas, our laser treatment experts are spearheaded by a licensed MD with more than a decade of experience.

How it Works (Procedure from pre-op to post-op)

Mostly straightforward, and done by medical professionals, here’s a breakdown of the procedure:

1. Preparation

Safety first! You'll be asked to wear protective goggles during the treatment. Our laser treatment experts will also apply a cooling gel to your skin for additional protection against laser pulses.

2. Treatment

The light energy emitted by the Alma-powered Nd: YAG gets deep access to the skin, overcoming the blood vessel or spider vein. This energy pulse generates heat, coagulating the blood within the affected vein, causing it to collapse. And the result? These veins are sealed closed, and the blood is rerouted to deeper blood vessels. Eventually, the damaged veins slowly disappear because our body sheds dead cells naturally.

3. Dos and Don’ts

Practical aftercare tips will be given right after the treatment.

Pre-Treatment Care and Aftercare

Another great thing about our laser treatment is that it virtually has no downtime. This ‘lunch hour’ treatment can make you get rid of those veins in-between office hours. With 1-3 days of downtime, you’ll reap the full benefits, but some tips listed below are worthy of your attention:

● While there is mostly no preparation required, if you have a job that requires you to stand for long periods, you should take the day off after undergoing this treatment
● You should also avoid drinking any blood thinning or anti-inflammatory drugs or supplements, as they can promote bruising and swelling. The same goes for alcohol.

● After the treatment, you may be given compression socks to keep new veins from resurfacing.
● You should only stand and walk for a short time for the next few days. Heavy exercise is also not advised.
● Avoid hot saunas and baths for a few weeks, as these can cause your blood vessels to dilate, resulting in resurfacing of spider veins.
● You should also avoid direct sunlight on the treated area for the next 2 weeks.
● If you have bruising or swelling on the affected area, you can raise your legs above your heart for 15 minutes to help reduce it.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

They can last for as long as the pressure on your valves and blood vessels can be kept at bay. Most of the time results are permanent. But in some cases, after getting the treatment, the veins start to come up again after getting pregnant, suffering from hormonal imbalances, or gaining weight.

Qualified Candidates for Spider and Varicose Vein Laser Treatment

Though the Alma-powered laser is available for all skin types, there are a few individuals with certain temporary or permanent conditions who do not qualify as candidates for the treatment. These people are those:

● With Vitiligo
● Are pregnant
● With inflammatory skin conditions
● With a history of keloid scarring
● Suffering from Diabetes
● With Epilepsy
● With recent tretinoin use
● Who had tanning beforehand

Estimated Cost for Spider and Varicose Vein Laser Treatment

While total costs depend on how many treatments you get, and most doctors will recommend getting multiple treatments to fully get your desired result. The average cost of this treatment is between $300 to $700.

And if you’re trying to compare and assess whether or not you should get sclerotherapy, endovenous laser treatment, and non-ablative laser treatment, it all depends on the specific clinic you’ll be getting treatment from.

Being one of the top medical spa clinics in Fresno, you can be confident that after undergoing treatment with us, you’ll get your money’s worth.


Spider and varicose veins laser treatment is a real miracle worker. So, when scouting for the best medical spa clinic in Fresno, California, to get those pesky veins removed, Allure Medica Spas is the way to go. Book your appointment now and start your beauty journey today!


Allure Med Spas Team