Eyelash Extensions

Long, Thick, and Lush 

Beauty That Lash.

Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash Extensions


Adds extra length, volume, and curls to your eyelashes with a completely natural look through the use of safe and synthetic eyelash extensions



Treatment time

15 Mins.


Every 2-4 weeks






To be determined upon consultation

The Perfect Extensions for Your Hassle-Free Days

Eyelash Extensions

Start your day with less hassle, especially if you're always on the go. Imagine not having to spend around 5-10 minutes putting on fake eyelashes and mascara just to enhance your eyes. If you’re getting frustrated with those short lashes that need a little sprucing up everytime you go outdoors, it’s about time to add more volume and curls.

Here are
Allure Medical Spas, we don’t just create beauty–we boost confidence! Our Eyelash Extensions are completely safe, effective, and customizable based on your needs. With the use of great products from Lashmood, you will find the results amazing. Our extensions include a list of products like silk, mink, faux mink, and other synthetic options. The cost varies depending on your choice of lash material.

Because this treatment is fully customizable, you can choose from sets of 50-60 lashes, 65-80 lashes, or 80-100 lashes. Even better, your call on the length and type of curl based on the results you want to achieve.

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general questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the adhesive irritate my eyes?

No, because the bonding agent that we use are semi-permanent and are in no way irritating to your eyes and lashes.

Can I put on mascara or eyeliner after the treatment?

Wait for at least 24 hours before the adhesive dries and settles in. Yes, you can put on mascara or eyeliner, but you have to clean these very well before use.

Can I do certain activities like swimming?

Yes, you can go on swimming. However, we advise that you don’t do extreme activities like diving because this can be aggressive for the lashes and might result in early wear and tear.

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