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Under Eye Bags and Hollows Treatment


Adds volume to under eye and eliminates signs of aging like dark circles, under-eye hollows or tear trough, under-eye bags while smoothing out the transition from the cheeks to the eyes.


Juvederm Volbella

Treatment time

Procedure can lasts 30- 45 Mins.


To be determined upon consultation






To be determined at consultation

Filling In the Gaps

Under Eye Bags and Hollows

The eyes are the windows of a vibrant soul and the highlights of a beautiful face. But the eyes can also speak volumes about aging. Aging causes loss of collagen resulting in thinner paler skin, as a result blood vessels to become more visible causing that area to appear darker. In addition to aging, other factors like genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors can also cause under eye darkening. Dark under-eye circles, hollowness and eye bags can make you look older and tired, failing to resonate radiant life and beauty.

It’s time to do away with eye bags, tear troughs and dark circles and let your contagious energy shine through! We are happy to share our minimally invasive FDA-approved treatment that addresses under-eye issues without surgery. Allure Medical Spa’s treatment for Under Eye Bags and Hollows is your best bet for a beauty routine upgrade. The injectable under eye treatment will give you a new refreshed younger natural-looking result. Say goodbye to ineffective eye creams, gels and tons of make- up with this risk-free dermal filler treatment!

About Our Under Eye Bags and Hollows Treatment

What’s in It for You?

This revolutionary treatment for Under Eye Bags and Hollows uses Juvederm Volbella, a hyaluronic acid-based injectable that works wonders. Juvederm Volbella improves the appearance of under eye area by leveling out the skin. Why? Because, unlike any dermal filler, Volbella is relatively thinner, so it easily integrates into the thin and delicate skin under the eyes. This makes the treatment more natural and reduces the chances of swelling and puffiness post-treatment.

For dark circles caused by collagen and fat loss, our treatment can fill in ‘tear troughs’ by disguising them with fine hyaluronic acid. While for under eye bags caused by skin sagging and fat pad prolapse, Juvederm Volbella can smoothen out the transition from your cheek to your eyes by adding volume to the treated area. Book this treatment with us and enjoy these results:

  • Eliminates visible signs of hollows and eye bags
  • Lightens dark under-eye circles
  • Fills in under eye hollows and wrinkles
  • Smoothens out the transition from the cheeks to the eyes
  • Removes raw eye puffiness
  • Adds volume to your under eye
  • Gives your face a hydrated and youthful look


Throw Your Fears Away


Topical anesthetic is applied to numb the under eye skin for comfortable filler treatment.


Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are injected precisely on the target treatment areas by our licensed experienced medical providers. This procedure includes utilizing a fine needle and is done within 30 to 45 minutes.


Our medical providers then analyze how the amount of fillers improves under eye volume. Specialist aftercare advice is also given for the best possible results.

What You Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the potential side effects of the treatment?

This treatment usually does not have any side effects, but the following are the most common in some cases:

  • Minimal pain in the targeted areas
  • Redness in the injection areas
  • Bruising in the injection areas
  • Swelling (for up to 4 or 5 days)

How do I know if this treatment for under eye bags and hollows is for me?

Have you tried various products in the past such as under eye creams, gels and even tons of make-up without correct the problem? Are you consistently told by others that your eyes look exhausted? Do you want to decrease the appearance of under eye dark circles? This is an ideal treatment for those with mild to moderate hollowness who are considering surgery, but are wary about the risks. Before you go under the knife, it’s best to try this non-invasive, risk-free treatment first. It may be all you need to bring the life back to those tired eyes.

What pre-treatment care do I need to do?

To prepare the skin for the treatment, clients are advised to drink plenty of fluids daily. Avoid blood thinners 5-7 days before procedure.

What post-treatment activities do I need to avoid?

Patients are advised to refrain from doing the following:

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Taking medicines with blood-thinning properties (i.e., pain relief medications).
  • Applying makeup for a few hours after the procedure 
  • Doing rigorous physical activity
  • Massaging or rubbing the injected areas

What if I have a history of allergies?

For your safety, it’s always best to disclose any current or previous allergies and sensitivity issues you have during the consultation phase.

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